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English Summary

The Austrian Association of the Railway Industry (in German language named "Verband der Bahnindustrie") represents the interests of the Austrian Rail Supply Industry, it was founded in October, 2005.


The main goal is to give a maximum support to the members in their efforts to reach common objectives, as well as for providing them with sustainable benefits through several activities. We support our members through:

  • Effective representation of members interests
  • Competent coordination of companies interests
  • Target-group-oriented service
  • Public relations activities for the Austrian Rail Supply Industrie and Railway Systems in general


Folder "The Austrian railway industry - a true champion"

(The economic contribution of the Austrian railway industry)


International comparison shows that the railway industry in Austria is stronger and more innovative than in other countries.


With more than 9,000 employees, the industry generated revenue of 3,1 bn € in 2016.


For more details see folder in the download material (text in German and English).



Please be informed that most of our news and information are only available in German language, however, if you need information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For information about our members, please click the button "Aktuelles aus Mitgliedsunternehmen".


Managing Director:

Angela Berger,

A-1060 Vienna (Austria), Mariahilfer Strasse 37-39

P: +43 1 588 39-58

F: +43 1 586 69 71

E: angela[dot]berger[at]bahnindustrie[dot]at  


Assistant to the Managing Director:

Claudia Pohl

P: +43 1 588 39-37

E: pohl[at]bahnindustrie[dot]at